Woody olfactory family

Margot&Tita has 8 different olfactory families. When several perfumes have the same main characteristics, they can be grouped under the same olfactory family. For example, if the perfumes have been created from the same set of raw materials (citrus, wood,…), or if they have the same accords (oriental,…), they belong to the same olfactory family. 

Zoom in on the woody olfactory family

The woody olfactory family is composed of aromas and essences extracted from wood and tree mosses. Woody notes bring elegance and sophistication to a composition. They also bring warmth and character, which is why at Margot&Tita, these notes are mainly present in men’s fragrances but that is not all… we will see that later. More generally, they are notes that bring stability to a perfume because they are excellent fixers.

The woody family includes fragrance notes such as cashmere wood, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, guaiac, to name a few. Within a fragrance, it is common for several woody notes to make up the fragrance rather than one predominant “wood”.  It is important to note that each woody aroma has its own particularity, each tree gives off a different scent depending on its origin and the climate where it grows.

Some examples of woody notes

The woody note of sandalwood from Southeast Asia is persistent and softer than the other notes in the woody olfactory family. Indeed, it has a smooth, enveloping, warm and sensual sweetness. In order to be used in perfumery, this wood must be cut into chips and then processed by distillation.

As for cedar, it is its essence that is used in perfumery. Its note can be compared to the smell of pencil lead or wood shavings. Unlike sandalwood, its smell is dry and raw. Together with vetiver, cedar creates an olfactory harmony

Patchouli and vetiver are part of the woody family but do not come directly from the wood. It is in fact their woody scent that classifies them in this olfactory family. The patchouli plant, native to Asia, has no odour, it is its absolute that has an intense, earthy, dry and woody scent with both sweet and smoky accents. Vetiver is a plant from which the root is picked because it has a woody, sensual scent that can be reminiscent of fresh hazelnuts.

Who are the woody notes for?

Woody fragrances are generally designed for men. However, women are becoming more and more appreciative of woody scents. And no, women are not limited to floral scents!
Vetiver and patchouli notes are also found in the Mademoiselle Tita women’s fragrance. Indeed, these notes bring an elegant and sophisticated side and also add character to the composition. They are very powerful woody notes, which impose themselves. These adjectives perfectly represent the personality of Tita (the primary inspiration for this fragrance).
In a completely different register, the Mademoiselle Margot perfume also contains woody notes such as sandalwood and cashmere wood. In contrast to the woody notes contained in Mademoiselle Tita, these are soft, warm notes reminiscent of the Margot’s character.

The woody notes blend very well with the freshness of the aquatic notes or the aromatic and sweet notes. You can mix for example: 

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