Petit caprice – Eau de parfum

Sweet perfume - Natural vegan
30 ml





Olfactory description

It’s never too late to stroll down La Rue des Remparts in Bordeaux. While window-shopping you never know what to choose, what will please you, what will seduce you. Then suddenly there it is, just sitting there. Surrounded by “chocolatines”, a praline heart and flowers, coated with a vanilla husk, sprinkled with orange zest. So we get ready to go in, but then we turn our heels and decide to wait. But the desire is still there; it’s stronger than ever. No need to hide it, we cracked. But what fun it is to succumb to a whim.

Our commitments

🍃91% of ingredients from natural origin
🇫🇷 Made in France
🐇Vegan friendly
🥕🟢on Yuka
Dermatologically tested
Recyclable glass bottle and cap
No secondary packaging to limit waste

Olfactory family

Gourmet olfactory family