Escapade en orient – Eau de parfum

Oriental perfume - Natural vegan
30 ml





Olfactory description

On a fine Saturday morning in Saint Michel. Strolling through the stalls, where flowers and fruits unveil their splendid colors. Bergamot, Pear, Rose, Geranium; the scents fix, creating a fragrance that call out to us. Flowing fabrics float everywhere, seasonal spices, wall from stand to stand gives us the sensation of travel, even though we’re barely moving. Then a vendor from a stand of trinkets offers an unusual sensory experience: A flask with a perfume from far away, an animal sensuality with woody and smoky accents transports us for a moment to the heart of the East. It is the oud in all its splendor that completes this escapade full of flavors.

Our commitments

🍃90% of ingredients from natural origin
🇫🇷 Made in France
🐇Vegan friendly
🥕🟢on Yuka
Dermatologically tested
Recyclable glass bottle and cap
No secondary packaging to limit waste

Olfactory family

Oriental olfactory family