Élixir de minuit – Eau de parfum

Oriental perfume - Natural vegan
30 ml






Olfactory description

Who has never dreamed of one day falling under a spell? And what if with a simple squeeze, our perfume transformed us into Cinderella? Midnight has not yet struck, the streets of Bordeaux are illuminated. We can hear it in the cocktails that are mixed, revealing fruity flavors and spicy accents. In the euphoria of the evening all heads turn our way. Like a sulphurous and mysterious rose we have become a beautiful, sensual maiden. Peachy skin, a pale-white complexion like a lily of the valley and pearly lips like crystallized violet. A tangy raspberry color and a measured step. With such a woody and musky accord we are the queen of the evening.

Our commitments

🍃90% of ingredients from natural origin
🇫🇷 Made in France
🐇Vegan friendly
🥕🟢 on Yuka
Dermatologically tested
Recyclable glass bottle and cap
No secondary packaging to limit waste

Olfactory family

Oriental olfactory family