Mademoiselle Margot – Mini

eau de parfum
15 ml



Olfactory description

Mademoiselle Margot is an ode to a life of happiness and simple things. A early-morning walk in the garden. Taking a moment to inhale the scent of lemon trees and to taste a tangy blackcurrant. Continuing through an alley of jasmines and admiring a field of poppies as if it were a magnificent painting. Feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays that caress the skin; giving it the smell of hot bread. Sitting under tall trees and enjoying a vanilla coffee while listening to the birds singing.

Our commitments

🍃90,4% of ingredients from natural origin
🇫🇷 Made in France
🐇Vegan friendly
🥕🟢on Yuka
Dermatologically tested
Recyclable glass bottle and cap
No secondary packaging to limit wastete

Olfactory family

Floral olfactory family