Blonde et alors ? – Mini

eau de parfum
15 ml

parfums naturels, vegan, made in france, vert sur yuka


Olfactory pyramid - Blonde et alors - Margot&Tita


Olfactory description

Enough clichés and inappropriate jokes, this perfume tells the truth. At first glance, this golden locks radiate sweetness like citrus full of freshness. At the heart of it all is a voluptuous girl like a full-bodied rose. A bit of madness comes from the nutmeg of Indonesia that hints at Patchouli. Then the passionate character of a musky wave with amber accords.

As the perfume is glittery, we advise you to shake it well before use. 

Our commitments

🍃90,5% of ingredients from natural origin
🇫🇷 Made in France
🐇Vegan friendly
🥕🟢on Yuka
Dermatologically tested
Recyclable glass bottle and cap
No secondary packaging to limit waste

Olfactory family

Floral olfactory family