Find out about Margot&Tita’s collection of ECO-FRIENDLY range of fragrances, which are CRUELTY FREE, 98% VEGANS and MADE IN FRANCE.
From floral to fruity, from gourmand to citrus, the perfume dressing wardrobe will delight you! Are you looking for woody, aquatic, oriental or musky fragrances? Don’t panic, the Margot&Tita collection also offers them.
Each scent contains a MINIMUM OF 90% OF NATURAL INGREDIENTS.
Affordable prices to create a perfume wardrobe and a precious bottle that you can take anywhere you please: that is accessible luxury! 

For her

Perfumes with at least 90% natural ingredients
A vegan selection without any ingredient of animal origin
Dare to mix 2 fragrances to create a third scent!
Perfumes created in Bordeaux and made in France

Perfume tips: how to apply your perfume properly

The pulse points are the best areas for perfuming. They are activators for the fragrance because they are warmed by good blood circulation and close to the surface of the skin. The heat then helps to diffuse and amplify the notes of a fragrance.

Here are the different pulse points:
1️⃣ Behind the ear
2️⃣ In the back of the neck
3️⃣ At the base of the throat
4️⃣ On the inside of the wrists (be careful not to rub the wrists together as this will damage the notes).
5️⃣ In the crook of the elbows
6️⃣ On the back of the knees
7️⃣ On the inside of the ankle

You can use perfume on your clothes as well as your skin. However, it is important to know that when the fragrance comes into contact with the skin, it will change. For people who sweat a lot, this can strongly alter the smell and the hold of the fragrance. Thus, it is important to know that clothes are excellent supports but be careful with the material of these. Prefer woollens, cotton, cashmere or even silk and conversely, avoid perfuming synthetics.

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