Oriental olfactory family

Margot&Tita has 8 different olfactory families. When several perfumes have the same main characteristics, they can be grouped under the same olfactory family. For example, if the perfumes have been created from the same set of raw materials (citrus, wood,…), or if they have the same accords (oriental,…), they belong to the same olfactory family. 

Zoom in on the Oriental olfactory family

This family refers to fragrances with soft and warm base notes, such as vanilla, woods, balsamic, amber, powdery or animal notes.

Originally, the oriental olfactory family is also called the “amber family”. Amber fragrances first appeared in the early 20th century. Since then, they have been met with a huge success, as they adapt to the tastes of everyone, men and women alike! Indeed, they have multiple facets but also different possible combinations. Thus, many different scents can be created for the happiness of everyone.

The term amber comes from the colour given by the accord of vanilla and labdanum , which is necessary to make this note called amber.

Oriental compositions draw their richness and sophistication from precious materials such as amber, resin, tobacco, spices, precious woods (like sandalwood) and exotic flowers. Oriental fragrances have soft and warm base notes. They stand out compared to other scent families by their mixture of warmth and sensuality, which is why they are characterised as sensual fragrances. Oriental notes bring a powerful and mysterious side.

The main ingredients of oriental perfumes 

Ingredients such as tonka bean, vanilla and patchouli are mainly found in oriental fragrances. Resins such as benzoin and frankincense are also found. Iris also has a wonderful place in the oriental scent family.

In Margot&Tita perfumes, you can find different raw materials. For example, Nuit féerique is composed of tonka bean absolute, vanilla absolute, essential oil of Somali incense and Siam benzoin resinoid. Alors on danse, on the other hand, is made up of orange tree absolute from Tunisia, rose absolute from Turkey, bergamot essential oil from Italy, cardamom essential oil from Guatemala and mandarin essential oil from Italy.

The oriental notes then make it possible to compose bewitching, exotic and seductive perfumes.

The oriental notes combine perfectly with the citrus notes to refresh them. They also blend with the floral notes to soften them. It is rather easy to mix oriental notes with other olfactory families thanks to the vanilla and amber background. At Margot&Tita, we offer you a selection of duo gift boxes to mix. You can mix for example :

Oriental perfume inspiration at Margot&Tita

The oriental perfumes at Margot&Tita are very much in the image of Tita’s world. She was a woman with a lot of character who liked strong, powerful, sensual, warm and intense scents. A spicy, feminine and chic universe.

Find oriental notes in our perfumes:

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