What is mix and match? 

You can mix Margot&Tita’s perfumes and create a new one. They are mixable perfumes that are created in Bordeaux, made in France, natural, eco-friendly and 98% vegan.

And word by word, what does that mean?

Mix is for the association and the art of putting one fragrance on top of another. 
And Match, because it’s 2 scents that combine perfectly! An osmosis is created between the two fragrances to deliver a unique scent. So much for wearing the same fragrance as everyone else, we want to be UNIQUE!

Margot&Tita’s collection was created in a way that allows each and every client to create their own fragrances by mixing some fragrances together. We mix two perfumes to obtain a balance between the fragrances that will complement each other and thus create unique, original scents.

It is now possible to collect perfumes according to our look, the activity done during the day, or just the mood of a given moment… This is how the perfume wardrobe was born, as we can change perfumes just like we change our clothes: having the choice enables people to create perfume combinations. If one day you feel like going elsewhere, A week end in Arcachon will be your perfect ally; if you are in a dreamy mood, Under the stars will know how to delight you… All the Margot&Tita perfumes have evocative names that will please everyone.

To know which mixes are possible, find them out in our range of duo gift boxes. Gift boxes as a gift or to make yourself happy, these are original combinations that blend to perfection. Dare to mix them, these are funny and creative experiences: layer two « psst » ! 

How can you avoid making mistakes and associate the right fragrances? 

First of all, it is important to take a look at the ingredients that make up your fragrances, especially their olfactory pyramid. We advise you not to mix two fragrances with complex olfactory pyramids, which could lead to an overload of information and therefore no dominant note would emerge.

Check out our perfume mix&match guide for all the possible combinations!

You should then try to associate olfactory families or complementary notes such as for example a floral and an oriental (La femme parfaite & Douce feline), a citrus with a fruity (Alors on danse & Tout va bien), a cherry with a vanilla (Sous les étoiles & Nuit féerique).

Now that you know how to choose your mixes, how do you know which fragrance to apply first?

For the base coat, it is advisable to start by spraying the strongest, most intense perfume. After waiting a few seconds, you can then easily add the lighter one on top. This order is not insignificant and must be respected in order to deliver the most balanced fragrance possible and above all so that the strongest fragrance does not cover the other notes. For example, an oriental perfume first, Escapade en Orient, and a floral perfume after that: Je t’aime moi non plus.

And for the shiest, it is always possible to wear the first fragrance in the neck and the second in the hair or in the hollow of the wrists! 

Surrender to your desire for something new by daring to layer different perfumes and create your own unique fragrance by becoming your own perfumer! You and only you can decide to spray a dose, however big or small, of each perfume you wish to mix . You dreamed of it? Here is your personalised perfume! 

We love to see you with our fragrances, so don’t hesitate to share your blends with us on social networks with #mixmargotettita.

To give you ideas for combinations, here are our best-seller mixes

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