Minimum 90% of natural ingredients

We create our fragrances in Bordeaux in close collaboration with perfumers located in Grasse. It is in this world capital of perfume that all our fragrances are made.

In Margot&Tita’s perfume wardrobe, each scent contains at least 90% natural ingredients. And on top of that, 75% of our fragrance range is vegan
The alcohol used in our 37 fragrances is a natural alcohol made out of wheat or beetroot.

In general, the perfumer can work with 1,000 materials (both natural and synthetic) on his perfume organ. He selects them from a total of 4,000 materials: today about 1,000 natural and 3,000 synthetic raw materials are available. This is a figure that is constantly changing as new raw materials are discovered and marketed every year, while others disappear and may become prohibited by legislation.

Why 90% of natural ingredients in our fragrances?

That’s a good question! All of Margot&Tita’s fragrances are indeed composed of at least 90% natural ingredients. But what about the remaining 10%?

It’s a choice we made because some scents don’t exist naturally like sun notes, some musks which are no longer used naturally and which give a strong hold, depth and complexity to the perfume or even marine notes like the smell of the sea for example. In order to offer you a real perfume wardrobe with a truly wide olfactory palette, we have preferred to keep those notes which do not exist in nature and which correspond to the 10% remaining in our perfumes. This allows us to offer you more elaborate and complex scents that can appeal to the greatest number of people!

Find the solar notes in our perfumes

Find the musks in our collection

Find marine notes in our vegan perfumes

In addition, the synthetic raw materials offer an infinite variety of nuances, making it possible to imagine new olfactory forms. Thanks to them, it is then possible to offer scents that are balanced, diffusive and affordable at the same time, unlike 100% natural, which is expensive, difficult and not necessarily more sustainable, at a time when our planet’s resources are under threat.

Margot&Tita fragrances are elaborated by the book, with the best natural ingredients of the perfumers of Grasse. Each of our creations have their own specificity, their mixture dosed, to deliver their unique fragrance to you! 

The natural raw materials used vary between essential oils, absolutes, concretes…

But what is the difference between these ingredients? 

An essential oil is the result of steam distillation of a part of the aromatic plant. 

An absolute, on the other hand, is obtained from a multi-stage chemical extraction process. First of all, it is important to know that the absolute is obtained from the “concrete”. A concrete is the extraction of the odorous molecules from a maceration of the plant raw materials in vats with solvents. The solvent is then decanted and distilled to eliminate the alcohol but still loaded with odorous particles. After evaporation, a concrete is obtained! This is then mixed with a dose of alcohol which is heated to eliminate the oily part. Then it is washed and filtered several times to give a thick liquid result, but at the same time very concentrated in perfume which is called absolute. 

Find out more about the technical manufacturing processes

In perfumery, distillation enables the different volatile constituents of a mixture to be separated by evaporation. To do this, in a tank filled with the plants you want in the perfume and five to ten times their volume of water, this mixture is heated to a high temperature and put under pressure. A water vapour is then produced and carries the perfumed elements into the distillation column where they are cooled and collected. Then comes the decantation which consists of separating the water from the fragrant elements by their difference in terms of density.

Extraction is also used to obtain perfume. For this, it is necessary to let infuse and heat vegetable matter in water and solvent at 60°. The solvents used are volatile. When the mixture is heated, the solvents evaporate little by little until only a kind of wax remains which is called “concrete”.

Citrus fruits, on the other hand, have a special manufacturing process called expression. It is in fact an extraction process, but only for citrus fruits, since the peel is separated from the fruit to obtain the zest through small holes drilled in the peel. Once you got the zest, the aqueous parts of the essential oils are separated. And there you have it!

We work with laboratories that respect good manufacturing practices (also called GMP), this corresponds to the guarantee that the products are manufactured and controlled in the same way and according to quality, safety and cleanliness standards adapted to their use and specified in the marketing authorisation. With every new production, each raw material is individually weighed to make the mix and each scent is double-checked to make sure it is the right one.

In short: whether you like floral, oriental, aquatic, gourmet, fruity, citrus, musky or even woody scents, you will always find what you were looking for in Margot&Tita’s perfume wardrobe!

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