La Maison Margot&Tita

Our Story

It is the story of two women…

Margot & Tita is the story of two French women and two opposing aromatic universes as told by their granddaughter, Julie Schoell, the creator of the brand and a true perfume enthusiast.

Margot’s world is reassuring, relaxing, simple, natural – the traces of lavender hand soap, clean sheets after drying on the line on a warm summer day. The scent of a bottle of Eau de Cologne on a shelf in the bathroom and her ever-present hair lacquer freshly sprayed on a traditional hair bun.

Margot is the scent of plums and apples from her fruit trees in Southwestern France. The scent of honey and pastries and hot, crusty baguettes.

Tita’s world is fiery, complex, sensual and chic – an intense world where the smells of leather mix with the mythical scents of the perfumes of the greatest French fashion houses. Jasmine and magnolia and figs and cherries. Passionately feminine her kitchen only adds to this intensity – nutmeg and cloves, saffron and cumin, and mint tea leaves.

Margot & Tita, the brand, is a pure reflection of Margot & Tita, the people – Nature & Sophistication, Lux & Accessibility – elaborated with years of French know-how. Values symbolic of the life of Frenchwomen.

Our vision

A perfume wardrobe

‘When I was little, I spent hours with my older sister playing “fashion show” in my grandmother Tita’s closet. I was amazed by all her clothes and accessories and the various styles conveyed by each of them. With Margot&Tita, I wanted to allow each person to be able to create their own perfume wardrobe. Perfume is like clothing. Each fragrance expresses something different and these expressions correspond to different occasions, desires, styles, activities…

Julie Schoell

The creator of Margot&Tita

Our adventure

Our adventure is first and foremost that of two women who met 7 years ago (Julie, the creator, and Audrey, the nose of the brand) and wanted to embark on a fragrance adventure. It was in 2018 that the project was born. They tell you all about Margot&Tita and also give insights about the brand’s backstage in the video. 

Our values

Accessible luxury


All our perfumes are created in Bordeaux and then, made in France

Each fragrance is created in collaboration with perfumers from Grasse


Eau de parfum with carefully selected raw materials.

A precious bottle to bring everywhere.

An accessible price to create your perfume wardrobe.


Each fragrance contains 90% of natural ingredients minimum.

We use natural alcohol from corn and beet.

Our commitments

Be responsible


Our bottles are in recyclable glass.

No additional packaging for individual perfumes in order to reduce waste.

All our gift boxes are in recyclable cardboard.


Our products are not tested on animals in accordance with the European cosmetics regulation.


95% of our perfumes are Vegan

In the press

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Margot&Tita : luxury perfumes for everyone

The perfume with the identity of the lands of Gironde

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