Fruity olfactory family

Margot&Tita has 8 different olfactory families. When several perfumes have the same main characteristics, they can be grouped under the same olfactory family. For example, if the perfumes have been created from the same set of raw materials (citrus, wood,…), or if they have the same accords (oriental,…), they belong to the same olfactory family. 

Zoom in on the fruity olfactory family

Fruity notes give perfumes an original, modern, fresh touch. The fruits most used in perfumery are coconut, melon, pear, red fruits (raspberry, cherry…), peach, apricot or pineapple. To allow these fruity scents to compose a perfume, they have to be reproduced synthetically in a laboratory because there are very few natural fruity notes.

Fruity fragrances have a very sweet side that many women love. They are often said to be reminiscent of childhood.

Fruity fragrances are very contemporary, as originally it was unthinkable to compose a fragrance with fruits!
Some fruits are rather used to compose summer perfumes such as melon, peach or watermelon.
The fruity olfactory family is synonymous with good mood, surprise and greed!

Be careful not to confuse the fruity olfactory family with the citrus olfactory family, which are two distinct families.

The fruity notes combine perfectly with the floral, solar, oriental and musky notes. You can mix for example: 

Fruity notes can be found at the top or at the heart of a perfume.

Red fruits

In this sub-family, we find the raspberry used in our perfume Fallen from the sky. Cherry (created with the association of strawberry and almond) as in Sous les étoiles. Blackcurrant, present in our perfumed body mist Folie Poétique and in our perfume Us Women.

Yellow fruits

Within this sub-family, there is peach, plum both present in our perfumed body mist Juste une illusion and apricot present in our perfumed body mist Fantasme d’un soir.

Exotic fruits

The exotic fruits used in Margot&Tita products are coconut and pineapple, both present in our perfumed body mist Fantasme d’un soir. And the passion fruit in our perfumed body mist Oasis de plaisir.

Watery fruits

There are two possible watery fruits in fruity notes. These are melon and watermelon, both of which are present in our perfume Flirt d’été.

Juicy fruits

Among the juicy fruits, we can find the pear in our perfume Y’a d’la joie and the apple in our masculine perfume Ça baigne pour moi.

Finally, it is interesting to highlight the fact that sometimes it is not fruit that is used. Indeed, some other raw materials can still give fruity notes. This is the case, for example, with davana, which evokes ripe fruit with a sweet smell that can be found in Je t’aime moi non plus.

The particularity of the fruity olfactory family at Margot&Tita is that it includes both perfumes and perfumed body mists!

Find the fruity notes in our collection: 

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