Floral olfactory family

Margot&Tita has 8 different olfactory families. When several perfumes have the same main characteristics, they can be grouped under the same olfactory family. For example, if the perfumes have been created from the same set of raw materials (citrus, wood,…), or if they have the same accords (oriental,…), they belong to the same olfactory family.

Zoom in on the Floral olfactory family

The floral olfactory family is the most important in perfumery. Moreover, there are many floral fragrances and the floral olfactory family is the most varied at Margot&Tita!

There are perfumes that are called “soliflores” because they contain only one flower as the predominant note. At Margot&Tita, you will find perfumes composed of a whole bouquet of flowers to deliver multiple fragrances, each as different from the rest as the others. Different varieties of flowers allow for more complexity and facets within a perfume, creating a more sophisticated fragrance.
The most common flowers used in perfumery are jasmine, rose and violet. The multitude of floral materials allows for the creation of totally different scents. Each flower has its own scent, its own characteristics and its own personality.

Floral scents are very fresh and natural, which adds a touch of romance. Women of all generations, no matter how different, usually enjoy them! Floral scents evoke a feminine and natural side.

The particularity of the floral olfactory family at Margot&Tita is that it includes both perfumes and scented body mists!

White flowers

Within the floral olfactory family, we find white flowers, also called “sensual flowers”. Jasmine is a white flower used in Margot&Tita perfumes in the form of jasmine absolute from Egypt. 

Ylang ylang has milky and carnal notes. It is used in the form of essential oil from the Comoros at Margot&Tita. Its wild and intoxicating scent adds a sunny note to Pique-nique sur les quais.

The tiare flower from a tropical shrub is present in our perfume A Weekend in Arcachon.

Magnolia has a “citrus” facet, such as a fresh lemony note, but also vanilla accents. It then delivers a sweet and sunny floral facet in our perfume Le rose vous va si bien, and in our scented body mist Vertige de l’amour

Orange blossom is obtained from the bigarade orange tree, which is also used to obtain neroli essence and petit grain essence. Orange blossom absolute is most often present in the heart note, as in our perfumes Enigmatic, L’amour est dans l’air and Y’a d’la joie. It has a very gourmand note, typical of that found in cakes. Orange blossom can either be distilled to produce neroli essence or processed by solvent extraction to obtain orange blossom absolute. Neroli is much more floral, sensual and less greedy than orange blossom. Petit grain essence, on the other hand, is made by distilling the branches and has a more “green” and woody note.

Freesia is used for its sweet, heady scent reminiscent of jasmine. It can be found in our Mademoiselle Tita perfume. Its scent is both floral and has sweet, almost fruity accents. This scent cannot be extracted and is therefore synthetically reproduced.

The pink notes

Perfumers use two different varieties of rose. The Damascena (Damascus) which is nowadays mainly grown in Bulgaria and Turkey, and the Centifolia (100 leaves) also known as the “rose of May or Provence” which has a round, warm note and is for which Grasse is world famous. The rose can also be treated by extraction with volatile solvents to give a rose absolute. In perfumes, you will often find it used as a heart and base note.

Peony is a flower with a pinkish note. However, in order to obtain its scent, it must be reconstituted from the rose essence as well as from certain natural rose compounds.

Powdered flowers

Violet cannot be used naturally. Therefore, its scent is reproduced by means of ionones or methylionones. Did you know? The pink-violet accord has long been used in lipsticks.

The heliotrope used in our Baiser fougueux fragrance is a so-called “silent” flower. Indeed, it does not deliver its perfume. It is therefore necessary to reconstitute this scent in a synthetic way. Its floral and almond-like scent is similar to that of mimosa and lilac.

Floral notes combine perfectly with oriental, marine and fruity notes (to bring a sweet mix of floral and fruity notes). You can mix for example:

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