Dry oils

Find out about Margot&Tita’s vegan scented and nourishing dry oils which are cruelty free and made in France.
They contain 98% of natural ingredients.
Thanks to its 30ml format, you can take your dry oils anywhere you please.

What is a dry oil?

A dry oil is a mixture of oils that does not feel greasy to the touch and helps to nourish the skin.
Unlike a moisturizer, dry oil does not add water but acts as a shield to prevent the evaporation of water from the skin.
It is therefore complementary to a moisturizer and will make the skin more comfortable and soft.

Dry oils can be composed of mineral oils and/or vegetable oils.

Mineral oils are synthetic ingredients, while vegetable oils are oils of natural origin. The latter are obtained from renewable natural resources and have multiple properties of their own.

At Margot&Tita, we have chosen vegetable oils. Indeed, 3 vegetable oils make up our dry oils: organic apricot oil, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil.

A dry oil can be used on any type of skin, at any age and throughout the year.

You can use it on the body, face and hair.

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