Dare to mix

The collection was created in a way that allows each and every client to create her/his own fragrance by mixing some fragrances together. Surrender to your desire for something new by daring to layer different perfumes to create your own unique fragrance.
With two perfumes, create your third scent.

Gift box duo MIX AND MATCH 2 30ml perfumes “So we dance” and “Everything is good” by Margot&Tita. Discover a fruity and citrus meeting.

Why mix perfumes?

1+1= 3 at Margot&Tita!
The Margot&Tita collection has been developed to allow you to create your own fragrance by mixing several scents. We call these duos “Dare to mix”!
This is the ability to mix two fragrances from our range to create a 3rd scent:
We have tested the compatibility of our fragrances in order to be able to offer duos that blend perfectly!
Take full advantage of your desires by daring to superimpose scents and create your own eau de parfum!

How to mix them?

It’s very simple, just spray one fragrance on your skin and then spray the second one on top. It’s up to you to dose each fragrance according to your desires to create your own unique scent.

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