Body Mists

Find out about Margot&Tita’s range of vegan scented body mists.

They are a must-have in your perfume wardrobe, it is the new beauty move that will give your skin the feeling of immediate coolness!

Discover in video how to use our body mists

What is a body mist?

Body mist is a very light perfume spray that can be sprayed all over the body. The wide spray gives the effect of an ultra fresh body mist like little droplets. As the scent is very light, you can use it as often as you like during the day, whenever you feel the need or are a bit warm.

How do you use it?

Here are some ideas:
1️⃣ You can spray your body mist all over your body after showering to prolong the fresh feeling.
2️⃣ You can also scent your brush just before you use it for a delicate trail through your hair.
3️⃣ In the summer, when you feel the need to refresh yourself, you can scent your entire body.
4️⃣ And if you like to perfume yourself in the evening before going to bed but are looking for a scent that is not too heady, body mists will be your favourite allies!

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