Aquatic olfactory family

Margot&Tita has 8 different olfactory families. When several perfumes have the same main characteristics, they can be grouped under the same olfactory family. For example, if the perfumes have been created from the same set of raw materials (citrus, wood,…), or if they have the same accords (oriental,…), they belong to the same olfactory family. 

Zoom in on the aquatic olfactory family

If you are looking for freshness, this olfactory family is for you!

The aquatic olfactory family includes iodine and sea breeze notes. In perfumery, scents evoking the aquatic world are very recent. Iodine notes are mainly created from synthetic raw materials and were invented in 1966. This gives the fragrances accords from the sea. Thus, aquatic notes evoke the ocean, seaweed and the open sea air. Both light and heady like a sea breeze, aquatic notes appeal to both men and women at Margot&Tita. It’s easy to get carried away and enjoy the freshness, simplicity and vitality of a fragrance with aquatic notes.

As far as men are concerned, iodine fragrances are often synonymous with dynamism and vitality. The man who wears a marine fragrance is looking for the natural and slightly sporty aspect of it. 
For women, the sea breeze in the perfume evokes this desire for natural charm. The woman thus displays and is at ease with herself, without frills with an authentic character. 
As we have come to understand, aquatic fragrances project an image of a return “to the roots”, like a wave of iodine freshness that takes hold of the bottles to settle on our skin.

Aquatic notes combine wonderfully with fruits, flowers, citrus, herbs and woods as we can see in the Margot&Tita collection. These iodine scents will be in perfect harmony with citrus or floral notes that will reinforce the freshness and vitality of these fragrances from the sea. This is why Margot&Tita offers duo gift boxes of perfumes that can be mixed to create a third unique scent. Here are some examples of aquatic mix and match Margot&Tita:

The aquatic notes bring freshness to the composition. Aquatic tones are reminiscent of waterfalls, the sea or the air. They are transparent, simple, fresh and very persistent.

Perfect for summer, the aquatic notes are persistent while providing a certain lightness. The perfect scent to refresh you while enjoying the freedom of the holidays and the joy of summer afternoons. However, if you love freshness, these will be ideal fragrances at any time of the year.

What inspired Margot&Tita to create this olfactory family?

Margot&Tita is a Bordeaux-based brand that loves to be inspired by everything around it for the creation of its various products. The Bordeaux region provides a lot of inspiration, especially for the aquatic olfactory family, thanks to the Arcachon basin, but that is not all! Indeed, there are sumptuous places to discover such as Cap-Ferret or Andernos-les-Bains. So, each product has its very own inspiration.

What were the inspirations for the perfume Ça baigne pour moi?

For the masculine and vegan fragrance Ça baigne pour moi, the Arcachon basin was the first inspiration since it features the Dune du Pilat. This fragrance evokes long walks up the dune, feet in the sand enjoying the sea air and the sunrays, and then the mad rush to jump into the water.

What were the inspirations for the perfume Vue sur l’ocean ?

For the creation of the feminine and vegan perfume Vue sur l’océan, the Margot&Tita team drew their inspiration from Cap-Ferret, which evokes very different scents from those of the Arcachon basin. We find the iodine side of the Atlantic Ocean in this perfume as well as its freshness. Here, the fragrance invites you to relax in front of a dazzling landscape and to enjoy the sensuality.  

Find aquatic notes in our vegan perfumes for her and for him:

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